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Neo-Georgian Architecture 1880-1970

The expansion of the public sector in the 20th century brought Neo-Georgian architecture to buildings across the globe.

In this beautifully illustrated book, leading architectural historians explore Neo-Georgian style and how it was used to assert a national image and identity.

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Bathers on the shore of the Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park, with the lido building in the background.
    • Bathers on the shore of the Serpentine Lido in London's Hyde Park. The Serpentine Lido building is now in use as the Lido Bar and Cafe. Photo by John Gay 1955-1965
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Stonehenge Landscape with traffic in the foreground

Historic England, National Trust and English Heritage Welcome ICOMOS/UNESCO Report on Stonehenge Tunnel Plans

3 May 2016

ICOMOS/UNESCO report recognises the benefits a tunnel of at least 2.9km could bring to the Stonehenge site, if it is designed and delivered well.

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When it comes to historic places, England is full of treasures. People up and down the country look after them. There are lots of ways you can join in, from researching the history of the WWI Home Front to becoming an archive detective.

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