The Most Important Historic Places in England Are Listed

The List includes buildings, battlefields, monuments, parks, gardens, shipwrecks and more.

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Perch Rock lighthouse, New Brighton, Wirral, contributed to Enrich the List © Jo Wheeler See the list entry (1258288)

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The Extraordinary Story of Pioneering Aviator Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson was a pioneering aviator – the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia (5-24 May 1930). This 11,000 mile journey across three continents, fraught with danger and drama, was the first of her several record-breaking world flights.

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The Untold Story of the Highway Code

The British Highway Code – ‘…a guide to the proper use of the highway and a code of good manners…’ – celebrates the 90th anniversary of its first publication in 2021.

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5 Sites That Tell the Story of Early Anglo-Saxon England

We look at Sutton Hoo and other amazing sites that tell us so much about the culture, beliefs and society of Anglo-Saxon England.

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Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians

Explore the life and work of Aethelflaed, 'Lady of the Mercians' an Anglo-Saxon ruler who built forts and towns and led armies against the Vikings.

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6 Steps to Finding Out Your Home’s History Online

ou can trace the architectural history of your house through old maps, photographs and written records, and many of these useful resources are online.

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From Prototype to Defender of the Skies: The Story of the Spitfire

The British Spitfire – the iconic, high performance aircraft, celebrated for its maneuverability, speed and fire power – helped the RAF turn the tide of the Second World War (1939-1945) in the Allies’ favour.

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Support for Heritage During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this challenging and difficult time, we’re committed to continuing to provide our services and support the heritage sector.

Advice and support for heritage

Find funded heritage sites near you

The Culture Recovery Fund has helped all kinds of heritage sites survive the impact of COVID-19.

Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, one of the heritage sites to receive a lifeline grant from the Culture Recovery Fund © Ely Cathedral

What Will You #UncoverMore of as Heritage Sites Reopen?

Join famous faces from TV and radio as they #UncoverMore of the heritage that surrounds us and learn about the essential work that has been carried out thanks to the Culture Recovery Fund and emergency funding from Historic England.


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