Information Request Charges

In general we do not charge for the information included within our Publication Scheme, and any existing charges are clearly stated.

If you request information which is not available under our Publication Scheme we will make as much information as possible available to you free of charge.

While there is not normally a fee associated with requests we do retain the right to charge for disbursements (e.g. photocopying at 10p per A4 page, and the cost of postage) and any other reasonable activities. If your request does attract a fee we will ask whether you wish to continue with the request before we do the work.

No charges will be made when we refuse a request for information. Nor will there be a charge to appeal against either our refusal to supply information or the charges we would make.

Where the information is already available in a priced publication we will give you details of the publication and where to get it. A full catalogue of our publications is available online.

Free advisory and information leaflets are available through our Customer Services Department, tel: +44 (0)370 333 0607.

Charges apply for some information obtained through the Historic England Archives.