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© Historic England AA101537
© Historic England AA101537

Copyright Licence to Translate or Adapt Historic England Guidance

To help share and encourage good conservation practice, our advice and guidance is available to translate or adapt and publish using our copyright licence.

On this page:

What the licence sets out

We’ve created a template copyright license as a standardised way of giving permission to use our work. The copyright licence sets out:

  • Who is applying for the licence
  • Details of the work to be adapted
  • Where the licenced adapted work may be published
  • Statement of the extent and nature of the proposed adaptation of the work (or where this can be found)
  • The attribution statement to be included in the adapted work
  • An appropriate link to our website to be included in the adapted work
  • Inclusion / exclusion of commercial use
  • Any fee to be paid for the licence (we may choose to charge a fee for commercial use)
  • Expiry date and renewal

Before you apply for a copyright licence to use or adapt our advice and guidance, please read the licence in full which you can download below.

How to get a licence

To get a licence:

1. Download the ‘Particulars of Licence’ document below. This will form Schedule 1 of the licence

2. Add the information required by the notes in blue in the text

3. Email the ‘Particulars of Licence’ to [email protected]

When we receive your Particulars of Licence we’ll add these to Schedule 1 of the copyright licence agreement, complete the conditions set out in Schedule 2 and send the licence to you. When the terms are agreed the licence can be signed by both parties.