Heritage at Risk: Buildings

At Historic England we've been collecting information on the condition of our built heritage since the publication of our first Register of listed buildings at risk in London in 1991.

The first national Register of buildings at risk was published in 1998 so this year we are celebrating its 20th anniversary – looking back at the successes and challenges. Go to this web page to read case studies from across the country. 

In 2011 we started adding information on the condition of listed places of worship to the Register so our national Heritage at Risk Register currently includes:

  • Grade I and II* listed buildings at risk including places of worship
  • Grade II listed buildings at risk in London including places of worship
  • Grade II listed places of worship at risk outside London

Listed buildings are assessed using the Buildings and Structures risk assessment. Listed buildings in use as places of worship are assessed using the Places of Worship risk assessment.

view of the empty Gala Pool with decorative ironwork
Moseley Road Baths are the oldest of only five Grade II* listed swimming pool baths operating in Britain, with one of the two pools still in use. It is an iconic building in Birmingham and much loved by the local community. Historic England has given a major grant to Birmingham City Council to help pay for urgently needed repairs to the roof of the Gala Pool. © Historic England DP218862

How we can help buildings at risk

Historic England's main role in securing the future of listed buildings is to provide practical advice, guidance and resources to owners and local authorities.

Our involvement is determined by the significance of the building, the complexity and urgency of the case and the potential to contribute to the success and vitality of places and communities.

We can offer help and support with projects including:

  • Analysing the problems facing a building, and making recommendations
  • Helping to identify the opportunities and the feasibility of options for future use
  • Helping to build the skills and resilience of community groups responsible for buildings
  • Helping to broker solutions between partners
  • Providing information on funding.

Funding for repairs

Listed buildings at risk can be eligible for funding. Under our Grant Schemes we can help towards the cost of developing a project, as well as the repairs themselves. In some circumstances we can also help local authorities with the cost of using Urgent Works Notices and Repairs Notices to enforce the repair of listed buildings.

Although listed buildings at risk are a priority for Historic England's Repair Grants, our funding is limited compared to demand. Grants from other public sources, notably the Heritage Lottery Fund, continue to be essential in helping secure the future of buildings at risk.

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