Heritage at Risk is an Official Statistic

In April 2009 Historic England was designated by Government as a provider of Official Statistics. Two sets of statistics produced by Historic England were defined as official statistics:

  • Heritage at Risk (HAR)
  • The number of listed buildings

As a designated provider of official statistics we will follow the regulations set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics January 2009 when producing, analysing and disseminating these statistics.

Historic England response to the Code of Practice for Heritage at Risk

Below we outline the Historic England response to the Code of Practice and in particular its procedures in relation to pre-release access.

Publication date

  • Heritage at Risk statistics for 2018 were released on the 30 August 2018


  • All HAR statistics (including trends) have been published as a standalone document without any analytical comment from Historic England (PDF only)


  • A standalone methodology statement outlining the collection of HAR data is also available on the website

Pre-release Access

  • Access to the data was limited to those with direct involvement in the production and analysis of HAR statistics

The following staff members were given access to the HAR data 24 hours prior to release:

  • Duncan Wilson (Chief Executive)
  • Deborah Lamb (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Ian Morrison (Director of Planning)
  • Carol Pyrah (Assistant Director of Planning)
  • Rosie Folkes (Head of Planning Business Support)
  • Celia Richardson (Director of Communications)
  • Katharine Grice (Head of Media)
  • Nora Maguire (Head of Campaigns)
  • Communications Managers
  • Planning Directors for nine regions
  • Olivia Christophersen (Head of Statistics, DCMS)

No journalists or external organisations (apart from those involved in quality assurance) were given access to the data prior to the 30 August 2018.

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