Leicester Hebrew Congregation, Highfield Street, Leicester - Leicester, City of (UA)

Synagogue and schoolrooms by A Wakerley, 1897-8 and 1901 with C20 fire escape. Tower dome roof coverings were defective and the fire escape has suffered considerable movement. Subsoil is clay and there is a large tree close by. A grant for investigations and urgent repairs to the fire escape, tower and domed roof was awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund in March 2012. Tower and roof repairs were completed in summer 2014. Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent have been approved for alterations to the former schoolrooms. Stage 2 Heritage Lottery Fund funding has been confirmed.

Leicester Hebrew Congregation, Highfield Street, Leicester - Leicester, City of (UA)
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Site Details

  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade II
  • List Entry Number: 1389696
  • Local Planning Authority: Leicester, City of (UA)
  • Site Type: Religious ritual and funerary > Synagogue


  • Building Name: Leicester Hebrew Congregation
  • Street Name: Highfield Street
  • Locality: Leicester
  • Unitary Authority: Leicester, City of (UA)
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Leicester South
  • Region: East Midlands

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Place of worship
  • Condition: Fair
  • Priority: D - Slow decay; solution agreed but not yet implemented
  • Previous Priority: C
  • Ownership: Religious organisation
  • Designation: Listed Place of Worship grade II, CA

Contact Details

Janine Dykes

Next steps

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