Battle of Newburn Ford - Newcastle upon Tyne / Gateshead

The Battle of Newburn Ford (1640) was the only battle of the Second Bishops' War. The Scottish Army took Newcastle by defeating the English at this river crossing. The Scottish campaign forced Charles I to raise an army against them and, after the loss of Newcastle, to pay them off. This expense meant Charles had to recall Parliament, which proved to be a critical step towards the English Civil War. The battlefield has been subject to piecemeal, peripheral development but an outline action plan has been agreed between Historic England, the local authorities and the Battlefields Trust.

Battle of Newburn Ford - Newcastle upon Tyne / Gateshead
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Site Details

  • Designated Site Name: Battle Of Newburn Ford 1640
  • Heritage Category: Registered Battlefield
  • List Entry Number: 1000025
  • Local Planning Authority: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Site Type: Battlefield


  • Locality: Ryton / Newburn
  • County: Tyne and Wear
  • District / Borough: Newcastle upon Tyne / Gateshead
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Blaydon
  • Region: North East

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Battlefield
  • Condition: Generally satisfactory but with significant localised problems
  • Vulnerability: High
  • Trend: Declining
  • Priority: B - Action/strategy agreed but not yet implemented (where trend is declining or unknown)
  • Previous Priority: B
  • Ownership: Private, multiple owners
  • Designation: Registered Battlefield, 6 LBs, 2 CAs