Turret Gateway, Castle View - Leicester, City of (UA)

Gateway, c1422-3, to the south entrance of the inner bailey of the castle. In ruins, although a considerable amount of walling remains. Suffering slow decay for a number of years; now cordoned off for safety reasons. Leicester City Council commissioned a condition survey and repair proposals, for which approvals have been obtained. Repair works due to commence in 2018. This structure is scheduled under 'Leicester Castle and the Magazine Gateway' Scheduled Monument (NHLE 1012147).

Turret Gateway, Castle View - Leicester, City of (UA)
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Site Details

  • Designated Site Name: TURRET GATEWAY
  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade I
  • List Entry Number: 1074069
  • Local Planning Authority: Leicester, City of (UA)
  • Site Type: Uncategorised


  • Building Name: Turret Gateway
  • Unitary Authority: Leicester, City of (UA)
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Leicester South
  • Region: East Midlands

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Building or structure
  • Condition: Poor
  • Occupancy / Use: Not applicable
  • Priority: C - Slow decay; no solution agreed
  • Previous Priority: C
  • Ownership: Local authority
  • Designation: Listed Building grade I and Scheduled Monument, CA
  • List Entry Number(s): 1074069 and 1012147