Former public baths, Collier Street - Salford

Former baths of 1855, with Italianate architectural design and rare laminated roof trusses. The building has been vacant for many years and exposed to the weather. The support scaffold is being upgraded by the owners and will include a temporary roof. An updated condition survey has been completed. The developer owners are working up a repair project and considering options for reuse, with advice from Historic England. It is hoped that the former baths will become a feature of the wider development scheme in this area of Salford.

Former public baths, Collier Street - Salford
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Site Details

  • Designated Site Name: FORMER PUBLIC BATHS
  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade II*
  • List Entry Number: 1386123
  • Local Planning Authority: Salford
  • Site Type: Health and welfare > Baths


  • Building Name: Former public baths
  • Street Name: Collier Street
  • County: Greater Manchester
  • District / Borough: Salford
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Salford and Eccles
  • Region: North West

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Building or structure
  • Condition: Very bad
  • Occupancy / Use: Vacant/not in use
  • Priority: A - Immediate risk of further rapid deterioration or loss of fabric; no solution agreed
  • Previous Priority: A
  • Ownership: Commercial company