Grotto 250 metres south east of St Giles House, Wimborne St. Giles - Dorset (UA)

Grotto c1751-53, located 250 metres to the south east of the house, at the east end of a winding channel of water running towards the lake. One of several garden buildings situated in the C17 and C18 landscape. The Grotto was subject to a major programme of repair during 2014, under a Natural England Stewardship scheme. External consolidation and much of the internal shell decoration reinstated. A further and final phase of repair to the structural vaults which are largely below water level, is needed.

Site Details

    Designated Site Name:
    Grotto 250 metres south east of St Giles House
    Heritage Category:
    Listed Building grade II*
    List Entry Number:
    Local Planning Authority:
    Dorset (UA)
    Site Type:
    Gardens parks and urban spaces > Garden building


    Building Name:
    Grotto 250 metres south east of St Giles House
    Unitary Authority:
    Dorset (UA)
    Wimborne St. Giles
    Parliamentary Constituency:
    North Dorset
    South West

Assessment Information

    Assessment Type:
    Building or structure
    Occupancy / Use:
    Not applicable
    E - Under repair or in fair to good repair, but no user identified; or under threat of vacancy with no obvious new user (applicable only to buildings capable of beneficial use)
    Previous Priority:
    Listed Building grade II*, RPG grade II*

Contact Details

Sarah Ball 0117 975 0666