Beech House, 19 Market Street, Atherstone - North Warwickshire

Town house in the Queen Anne style dated 1708. The interiors are largely unaltered and most of the original features are intact. The property has been vacant for several years and is slowly decaying. A scheme for the repair and refurbishment of the building has been agreed following discussions between the owner and the Local Planning Authority.

Beech House, 19 Market Street, Atherstone - North Warwickshire
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Site Details

  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade II*
  • List Entry Number: 1185175
  • Local Planning Authority: North Warwickshire
  • Site Type: Domestic > Residential building


  • Building Name: Beech House
  • Street Number: 19
  • Street Name: Market Street
  • County: Warwickshire
  • District / Borough: North Warwickshire
  • Parish: Atherstone
  • Parliamentary Constituency: North Warwickshire
  • Region: West Midlands

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Building or structure
  • Condition: Poor
  • Occupancy / Use: Vacant/not in use
  • Priority: D - Slow decay; solution agreed but not yet implemented
  • Previous Priority: D
  • Ownership: Commercial company
  • Designation: Listed Building grade II*, CA

Contact Details

Nick Molyneux 0121 625 6857

Next steps

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