Tomb of Fludyer, Lee Terrace, St Margaret's Old Churchyard SE13 - Lewisham

An elaborate Rococo tomb from 1769 in Portland stone and marble. Despite previous repairs, the monument is in very bad condition with widespread cracking, open joints from vegetation growth and some collapse. A condition survey has been prepared, with funding from Historic England, and funding for repair and restoration works has been secured through a Section 106 agreement.

Tomb of Fludyer, Lee Terrace, St Margaret's Old Churchyard SE13 - Lewisham
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Site Details

  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade II*
  • List Entry Number: 1391993
  • Local Planning Authority: Lewisham
  • Site Type: Religious ritual and funerary > Commemorative monument


  • Building Name: Tomb of Fludyer
  • Street Name: Lee Terrace
  • Postcode: SE13
  • Locality: St Margaret's Old Churchyard
  • County: Greater London
  • District / Borough: Lewisham
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Lewisham East
  • Region: London

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Building or structure
  • Condition: Very bad
  • Occupancy / Use: Not applicable
  • Priority: A - Immediate risk of further rapid deterioration or loss of fabric; no solution agreed
  • Previous Priority: A
  • Ownership: Religious organisation
  • Designation: Listed Building grade II*, CA

Contact Details

Elizabeth Whitbourn 07889 808145

Next steps

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