Do You Own a Site On The Register?

Historic England contacts all owners of sites that are included on our Heritage at Risk Register to find out how we can best help.

If you own a site that's included on the Register, you should have been contacted when your site was added.

If you own or manage a site on the Register, but you have not been contacted by us, we apologise and ask that you contact us by calling the relevant local office.

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Guidance on maintaining vacant buildings

Historic England (formerly English Heritage) has published guidance for owners of vacant historic buildings which covers:

  • Temporary uses for these buildings
  • How to maintain them and
  • How to mothball them 

Vacant Historic Buildings

Published 15 March 2018

Guidance to help owners and purchasers of vacant buildings to reduce risks by undertaking an ‘active management approach’ that can prevent unnecessary damage, dereliction and loss of historic fabric.

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