Hagg Hill Farm, Chesterfield

Listed building - Grade II - Listed building consent - Planning permission - Alteration - House - Taking account of the s16 or s66 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990

  • Type of Decision: Appeal
    Year: 2014
    Date: 4 March 2014
  • Name of Inspector: Richard McCoy
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (1): APP/R1038/A/13/2198683
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (2): APP/R1038/E/13/2198690
  • Local Authority Reference (1): 13/00030/FL
    Local Authority Reference (2): 13/00031/LB
    Local Authority Area: North East Derbyshire District Council
  • Address of the property: Hagg Hill Farm, Hagg Hill, New Tupton, Chesterfield S42 6JU
  • Applicant/appellant: Mr Melvyn Humphreys