Land Between Medway and Cumberland Roads

Listed building - Grade II - Conservation area - Planning permission - Listed building consent - National Planning Policy Statements (Development Consent only) - New building - Substantial harm through physical impact - Housing weighed against heritage conservation

  • Type of Decision: Appeal
    Year: 2012
    Date: 21 December 2012
  • Name of Inspector: Elizabeth Fieldhouse
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (1): APP/A2280/E/12/2173740
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (2): APP/A2280/A/12/2173709
  • Local Authority Reference (1): MC/11/2913
    Local Authority Reference (2): MC/11/1888
    Local Authority Area: Medway Council
  • Address of the property: Land between Medway Road and Cumberland Road, Gillingham ME7 1FE
  • Applicant/appellant: London and Quadrant Housing Association