Outside 15 Regent Circus, Swindon

Planning permission-new building-listed building-grade II-public building-s16 or s66 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990-extent or nature of setting-assessing the contribution of setting to significance-less than substantial harm through development affecting the setting.

  • Type of Decision:  Appeal
  • Year: 2014
    Date:  23rd December 2014
  • Planning Inspector: Alan Boyland
  • Appeal Reference: (a) APP/U3935/A/13/2204403; (b) 2204411; (c) 2204414; (d) 2204416; (e) 2204422; (f) 2204424; (g) 2204430; (h) 2204431; (i) 2204434; (j) 2204447; (k) 2204456; (l) 2204462; (m) 2204463; (n) 2204468
  • Local Authority Reference: (a) S/TC/13/0770; (b) 0779; (c) 0785; (d) 0772; (e) 0789; (f) 0781; (g) 0790; (h) 0784; (i) 0788; (j) 0773; (k) 0782; (l) 0778; (m) 0771; (n) 0768
    Local Authority Area: Swindon Borough Council
  • Address of the property: (a) Outside 18-19 Commercial Road, Swindon; (b) Outside 18-19 Regent Street, Swindon: (c) Outside 2-6 The Parade, Swindon; (d) Outside 19-21 Canal Walk, Swindon; (e) Outside Unit 1A, The Lock, Canal Walk, Swindon; (f) Outside 15 Regent Circus, Swindon; (g) Adj to 23 Canal Walk, Swindon; (h) To the rear of 12 Theatre Street, Swindon; (i) Outside 53-55 The Parade, Swindon; (j) Outside 32-34 Regent Street, Swindon; (k) Outside 38 Havelock Street, Swindon; (l) Adj to the Tri Centre, Two Buildings, New Bridge Square, Swindon; (m) Outside 44-45 Bridge Street, Swindon; (n) Outside Wellington House, Wellington Street, Swindon
  • Appellant:  Infocus Public Networks Ltd