Vauxhall Supermarket, Gloucester

Listed building - Grade II - Conservation Area - Listed building consent - Less than substantial harm through development affecting the setting 

  • Type of Decision: Appeal Decision
    Year: 2013
    Date: 5 Febriary 2013
  • Name of Inspector: Olivia Spencer
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (1): APP/U1620/E/12/2175437
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (2): APP/U1620/H/12/2173772
  • Local Authority Reference (1): 11/00440/LBC
    Local Authority Reference (2): 11/00422/ADV
    Local Authority Area: Gloucester City Council
  • Address of the property: Vauxhall Supermarket, 174-176 Barton Street, Gloucester GL1 4EU
  • Applicant/appellant: Mr Saqib Rasul