Regional Bodies and the Mayor of London

As part of the Government’s commitment to localism and decentralisation, Government has abolished eight Government regional offices. However there is in London the London Plan which is the responsibility of the London Mayor who is accountable to the London Assembly. 

The Government has also abolished Regional Development Agencies and replaced them with Local Enterprise Partnerships.

These changes do not affect the role of the Mayor of London in planning and heritage consent matters and the London Plan (1) will remain in place.

The Mayor of London

The Mayor of London is effectively the regional planning body for Greater London  (the City of London and the 32 London Boroughs). His powers include a decision-making role in planning permission and listed building consent applications.

As well as being responsible for The London Plan (1) (the spatial development strategy for London) certain planning applications and related listed building consents must be referred to the Mayor due to their potential strategic importance for planning in London. The Mayor may direct the relevant London Borough to refuse such applications. The Mayor also has a discretion to assume jurisdiction over small numbers of planning applications and related listed building consent applications that are of strategic importance to London and to determine them in place of the borough (2)(3).

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