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Many people own historic buildings from which they also run businesses selling goods and services. For some owners the buildings are themselves the business. They could be let out or redeveloped and sold on to produce an income. Or the building could be an attraction in its own right, such as a country house.

These pages will give you information on what it means for your business to be in an older building, how to look after it, and how to make changes to it.

  • Image of a former brwery in Bristol.

    Businesses in Older Buildings

    Some benefits and issues you should consider when running a business from a historic building.

  • Image of a shopping street in Weymouth showing shops and to let signs.


    If you rent out a listed or historic property, please read our guidance on maintenance, energy performance, multiple occupancy and vacant property.

  • Image of the Brewery Square in Dorchester, where an old brewery site has been used as the basis for regeneration including new retail and living space.

    Work to Buildings in Commercial Use

    What to consider if you run a business from, or are a property developer working on, a historic building.

  • Image of the exterior of Marble Hill House, Richmond, in the snow.

    Historic Building Attractions

    For tourist attractions or event venues, see our guidance on making changes and putting up temporary structures or signs at a historic building.