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Culture Recovery Fund Tools and Resources

Grants awarded under the government’s Cultural Recovery Fund

By receiving this funding, you agree to acknowledge this funding publicly - crediting the government's Cultural Recovery Fund and using #HereForCulture. Please keep your award confidential until Historic England (HE) provides a date to communicate it. At that point, please welcome the funding on your social media channels, website, and newsletters and alert your local media.

Acknowledging your grant

Please add the Here for Culture logo to your website and any promotional materials. Templates and guidelines for how to acknowledge your grant under the Culture Recovery Fund can be found on the DCMS website.

Here for Culture is a broad campaign that aims to build a movement that unites the public and the sector in support of culture at this difficult time. You are also agreeing to share the data in your application with the HE and DCMS Comms team and providing your consent for them to contact you to discuss potential communications opportunities, should they be of interest to you. HE and DCMS may also communicate the details of your award, such as your organisation's name, total award amount, and any other publicly available information.

If you would like to acknowledge your grant in print, such as on signage or hoardings, please:

  1. Incorporate the Historic England logo. Logo variants and guidelines on usage can be found in the Historic England brand guidelines
  2. Incorporate the Here for Culture logo Lockup.
  3. Please email any mock-ups to [email protected] for sign off. 
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