Impact of Coronavirus on Historic England Grants

We know this is a challenging and unprecedented time and our priority in the coming months is to ensure that we continue to support all who work in the heritage sector.

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Our grant schemes are an important part of this and we will be contacting all recipients of grant funding from us within the next few weeks to provide reassurance, this will include flexibility regarding timetables for delivery on projects where required.

We remain open for business for both grant recipients and for those looking to apply for funding.

We are open for business and will continue to support you whether you’re a grant recipient or currently liaising with our teams about developing your project or grant application. We will be conducting the majority of our business remotely and are doing everything we can to ensure that we maintain business as usual.

If you have immediate concerns about the impact of Covid-19 on your grant funded project, please get in touch with your individual project contacts. See individual schemes for further details.

Heritage Protection Commissions Programme

We will be contacting all grant recipients in the coming weeks to address any issues or concerns that you might have particularly regarding timetables for delivery on projects, recruitment issues, workshops, meetings and training events.

If you have any immediate concerns, please contact your named Project Assurance Officer or email [email protected]

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National Capacity Building (NCB)

All NCB grants will be monitored on an individual basis and as needed. We will try to be as flexible as we can, but it is important that you communicate with us about any issues that you may be experiencing.

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Other grants

  • Repair Grants for Heritage at Risk
  • Management Agreements
  • Partnership Schemes in Conservation Area
  • Regional Capacity Building
  • Urgent Works Notices
  • Repairs Notices

For recipients of grants under the above schemes it is important that you communicate with us any issues that you might be experiencing that will result in a change to your project or its timescales.

2019/20 grants

Where our regional teams have previously requested that a payment claim be submitted before the end of this financial year we will still be making these payments. If you are unable to meet this deadline due to Covid-19 related issues please get in touch with your HE grant contact immediately to discuss.

2020/21 grants

We anticipate that grant funded projects are likely to experience delays. Please be reassured that grants will continue to be paid at the agreed milestones. We may be able to amend these milestones to assist cash flow issues, and we can extend grant contracts for projects that are affected in order to allow them to be completed as planned. To discuss any of these issues or amendments to your project and grant contract please contact your HE grant contact after the end of the financial year.

For staff posts funded through Regional Capacity Building or Partnership Schemes we will continue to pay agreed staff costs through this period of uncertainty so that your staff have some financial security; hopefully people will be able to work from home. We appreciate that there might be delays in recruiting posts, and will honour our commitment to fund posts for the agreed term once they have been recruited.

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