A High Street Sound Walk in Great Yarmouth

Wander this ancient walled town and hear how its streets have changed in a compelling sonic journey by artist Oliver Payne.

‘Knapped Flint Cracked Concrete’ by Oliver Payne
Start: on Dene Side, beside St George's Theatre
Duration: 33 mins
This route is accessible. Please be mindful of road crossings.

The sound walk is not a guide but a soundtrack to the route. Using headphones via your personal device and the map below, start the walk at A and end at C, both near St Georges Theatre. Have a few minutes rest halfway at B whilst facing the Minster. The walk is set at a relaxed pace and can be paused at any time.

⚠️ Content warning: Please note briefly (8’16” – 9’31”) includes adult themes.

📄 Alternative formats: transcript | augmented transcript for deaf and hard-of-hearing people

Artist Oliver Payne’s sound walk ‘Knapped Flint Cracked Concrete’ explores the contrast and diversity of Great Yarmouth’s high street. Take a journey amongst shops selling used electronics and Eastern European groceries next to pop-up spaces, medieval architecture and decades-old market traders. Listen to the stories of local people who have witnessed the streets changing, and discover their remarkable heritage. Find yourself immersed in the evocative sounds that capture the streets unique identity..

It’s part of High Street Sound Walks, a series of self-guided, immersive sound walks to help people discover the magic of their local high streets for Heritage Open Days. High Street Sound Walks is a commission by Historic England, National Trust and Heritage Open Days with support from the players of People’s Postcode Lottery and produced by Sound UK.

Produced in association with originalprojects and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

With thanks to: Alan Pitt, Andrew Rite, Ana Moreira, Chris Dunn, Jamie King, Jemma Sanders-Hayes, Jonathan Salmon, Jules Devonshire, Kaavous Clayton, Karl Trosclair, Leonard Gordon, Ligia Da Assunacao Leboeuf Macedo, Lotte Lewis, Mel Barron, Mick Nembhard, Paula Thompson, Dr Paul Davies, Paul Patterson, Rachel Harrison, Roberta Jane Lovick, Roger Silver, Russell Hughes, Sandra Lodge, Sarah Gallant, Tim Smith, Vic Ecclestone.


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