Your Heritage, Our Role

England's historic environment is precious and valuable. It shapes our country, our culture and our people and it provides a dynamic base for sustainable economic growth. It gives people a sense of place, a sense of pride and a real connection to those who have gone before them. Each generation cares for it, changes it and passes it on to the next.

Your heritage

Historic buildings and places have witnessed our history. They evolve, but retain the important physical evidence that underpins our local and national identity. They include some of the most beautiful and recognisable parts of England's landscape. Their preservation, sometimes through adaptation to modern uses, enhances our surroundings, underpinning a sense of wellbeing and improving our quality of life.

Volunteers conserving Brusselton Incline
Brusselton Incline, Shilden. Brusselton Incline Group members, John Rottgardt, Trevor Horner, Laitia Matagauw, John Magill working to conserve Brusselton Incline so that it could re-open to the public as a footpath © Historic England DP169939

Our role

Our role at Historic England is to champion and protect our historic environment, now and for the future.

We help people understand, value and care for historic buildings and places. We inspire public interest and enjoyment through education, campaigns, exhibitions and events. We showcase the diversity of England's heritage and its relevance to all parts of our society.

Our experts help unlock the stories behind England's historic buildings and places, identify the heritage 'at risk' that should be protected, and advise on how best these places can be adapted and looked after in times of constant change.

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