Threads - Friday Late at the V&A

Friday 31 August 2018

6.30pm - 10pm

A collaboration between Historic England and the V&A

Black and Asian histories are a vital part of Britain’s fabric. How are these voices recorded and remembered today? At this Friday Late at the V&A we'll put untold histories on the map. See dancers explore hybrid identities, and hear poets recount stories of inheritance. From improvised music to independent publishing, celebrate those claiming space and building new communities on the foundations of heritage.

Another England at Threads

Another England aims to better understand the places that matter to people of colour in England. Historic England is integrating these into the national public record, so that everyone can access them.

Help to mark out 100 years of England’s history from the perspective of Black and Asian people. Add your stories to those we have collected and shared on our website. Think of the places that matter to you. Come to see us at Threads. Put your story on a postcard and hang it on the line. We'll add it to the official record.

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2 chefs in the kitchens at Wheelers Sovereign Restaurant, Mayfair, 1960-80. One of the chef's is on the phone.
The kitchens at Wheelers Sovereign Restaurant, 17 Hertford Street, Mayfair, 1960-80 © Historic England
Logo for V&A Friday Late
© Nadia Akingbule | @nadiaakingbule |
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