Rust coloured illustration based on the ornate ironwork of the Shrewsbury Flaxmill jubilee crown. Text reads: "SAVE A SHREWSBURY ICON"
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© Historic England
© Historic England

Save the Flaxmill's Jubilee Crown

We need your support to rescue a remarkable survivor from England's history. Help restore the Flaxmill's Jubilee Crown and save a Shrewsbury icon.

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The pride of Shrewsbury

In 1897 a fever swept the nation. Jubilee-fever. Celebrations for Oueen Victoria's diamond jubilee lit up England and the world. Parties were held on every street from Norwich to Newcastle; a chain of beacons ignited Britain and revelry reigned.

Throughout the year, civic works were erected across the globe, from memorial fountains in the Maldives to municipal clocks in Manchester. In Shrewsbury, the people had a very special coronation of their own. They crowned their best building to show their pride.

Two Victorian workmen (unidentified) stand either side of a timber elevator tower on top of the roof of Shrewsbury Flaxmill. The tower is topped with an ornate cast-iron crown designed to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.
A view of the freshly painted timber elevator tower and cast-iron crown © Albrew Maltsters Ltd, from Shropshire Archives PH/S/13/M/1/8

The Flaxmill's crowning glory needs your help

Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings epitomises the Victorian age. The first iron-framed building in the world - a gas-lit, steam powered wonder; it was a place of revolution and innovation.

122 years on, the cast iron crown atop the Flaxmill Maltings is in need of care. The ironwork is fractured, the paintwork peeling. The crowning glory of Shropshire's industrial past is fading fast.

With your help, we can restore the Jubilee Crown to its former glory, taking pride of place high above the rooftops of the town.

Detail of the Jubilee Crown at Shrewsbury Flaxmill
Donations will help pay to remove the ornate cast-iron coronet, transport it to and from a specialist metal conservation workshop, restore and then reinstall it © Historic England DP235739

Restoring the crown

We need £26,000 to carefully remove the ornate cast iron coronet and transport it to a specialist metal conservation workshop for restoration.

The paint and decoration will be analysed and surveyed, fractured iron will be stitched and missing elements faithfully recreated. The crown will be redecorated and delicately painted in original colours before being carefully reassembled and reinstalled.

Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings is one of the most important buildings of the modern age. Help restore the Jubilee Crown and save a remarkable piece of Shropshire's history.

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The best of Britain. Made in Shrewsbury.

View of the Jubilee Crown at Shrewsbury Flaxmill
The restoration will return the Jubilee Crown to its former glory, high above the rooftops of Shrewsbury
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