A damaged timber post, identified by the photographer as formerly being an old pier in the farmhouse at Manor Farm, propped up against another beam in the grounds at Scadbury Park

28 Aug 1936
Scadbury Park, Chislehurst, Bromley, Greater London Authority
Photograph (Negative)


The photographer's notes state: 'The south face of the pier that was at the north and external end of the wall that seperated the W.wing from the entrance hall part on the upper floor. It thus formed the N.E. angle pier of the room over the kitchen in the W. wing, and also the N.W. angle pier of the small room over the entrance hall. It is now certain that the mortise in the upper part of the south face was where the left (north) end of the small ogee arched timber fitted in (see No 855). The wall between the W. wing and the small room over the entrance was originally pierced at this point for a narrow ogee arched doorway to give entrance to the small room from the W. wing, which had a stair. I saw a slender pier, with a similar mortise, in the rickyard at Proverest , and am certain that this formed the right (south) jamb of the doorway'.

There is an additional note stating: 'Photographs taken at Scadbury Park, Chislehurst'.

The farmhouse at Manor Farm was located on the east side of the Orpington Bypass (now Cray Avenue), just to the south of the railway line. It was demolished between January and February 1936.


This is part of the Series: PEW01/01 Phillip Edmund Wills Street Collection, Negatives; within the Collection: PEW01 Phillip Edmund Wills Street Collection


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Photographer: Street, Philip Edmund Wills

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