Copy of a site plan showing the location of the new infectious hospital and the surrounding area

Osborne Royal Naval College, East Cowes, Osborne House, Isle Of Wight
Measured Drawing
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The plan shows the site of the new hospital opposite Barton Lodges, the Royal Naval College, and the site of the old infectious hospital near the workshops at Kingston. The sewage disposal works are shown just south of Kingston copse, and the plan shows the route of sewers and notes giving additional details of the works. The left edge of the plan is severely damaged, and much of it is missing. There is a later pencilled number 11676. The plan is drawing number 1. In faint pencil at the top is written: '(D.W. 14805/10) 27/10/10' - probably referring to the date it was received by the Admiralty.


This is part of the Job: PF/OSH/009 Copies of construction drawings for sewerage at the new infectious hospital at Osborne; within the Volume: PF/OSH Osborne House, East Cowes, Isle of Wight; within the Series: EHC01/022 English Heritage Plans and Measured Drawings; within the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive


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Early 20th Century Sewage Works, Early 20th Century Infectious Diseases Hospital