Job: Drawings concerning the excavations that took place at Castle Rising Castle between 1970 and 1976

1970 - 1971
Castle Rising Castle, Castle Rising, King's Lynn And West Norfolk, Norfolk
Job containing Graphic material


210 drawings created during extensive excavations at the castle between 1970 and 1976. The drawings were made by an unknown organisation or contractor and are all in a similar style, with some of the early drawings initialled 'B M M'.

The series includes 120 excavation plans at varying scales, recording the features excavated in the many trenches opened up at the site, with some plans covering a larger area and providing an overview of the findings or a key to understanding the individual trench drawings. There are a further eighty sheets of section drawings and detail drawings from the excavations, detailing the layering of features.

Also in this series are a further ten sheets of drawings including plans of the castle site and the western outwork, sections through the castle keep and earthworks, and phase plans showing the changes in the buildings found to the south of the keep.


This is part of the Volume: PF/CRC Castle Rising Castle, Norfolk; within the Series: EHC01/022 English Heritage Plans and Measured Drawings; within the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive

This Job is divided into 210 Child Records
This Job contains the following materials:
Excavation Drawing: 80
Excavation Plan: 120
Measured Drawing: 10


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