Volume: F W Woolworth and Company Limited, Smithford Street and later The Precinct (Broadgate Centre), Coventry

F W Woolworth And Company Limited, Smithford Street, Coventry
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F W Woolworth and Company Limited, The Precinct, Coventry
Volume containing Photographic material
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A file containing 36 photographs depicting the F W Woolworth and Co store in Coventry. Known as Woolworths store number 123, this was the one-hundred and twenty third branch of Woolworths to open in the British Isles. The store originally opened in 1922 in Smithford Street. This store was destroyed in the Coventry blitz in 1940. In the early 1950s Woolworth's new store opened at The Precinct (Listed Building number 1449626). It closed in December 2008.


This is part of the Series: FWW01/01 Woolworths store files of photographs of shops; within the Collection: FWW01 Woolworths Collection

This Volume is divided into 2 Child Records
This Volume contains the following materials:
Photograph (Print): 36


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