Volume: Isometric drawing of Ministry of Works plumbing unit

Volume containing Photographic material
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A single black and white negative, showing a diagrammatic drawing of a K.B. plumbing unit. The drawing represents the type of technology that was to be installed into postwar Ministry of Works prefabricated housing. It is unclear if these units were standardised in all homes, or whether like the design of the homes themselves, there was some variety available to constructors. The Temporary Housing Act of 1944/5 was intended to alleviate the acute housing shortages of the immediate postwar years. The Ministry of Works was the government department tasked with the organisation and efficiency of the push for housing construction. Modular, standardised components became integral to the fast construction of the housing. The original Ministry of Works storage envelope does not record the division or operator associated with this image.


This is part of the Sub Series: PSA01/04/H Housing; within the Series: PSA01/04 Negatives; within the Collection: PSA01 Property Services Agency

This Volume contains the following materials:
Photograph (Negative): 1


Source: Historic England Archive


Boiler, Mid 20th Century Prefabricated House