Volume: Building Research Station (BRS) experimental houses, at an unspecified location in Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire

31 Mar 1948
Abbots Langley, Three Rivers, Hertfordshire
Volume containing Photographic material
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A collection of 6 black and white negatives, showing the interior of an “experimental house” at an unspecified location in Abbotts Langley. The Temporary Housing Act of 1944/5 was intended to alleviate the acute housing shortages of the immediate postwar years, mostly through the construction of prefabricated, modular housing. The Ministry of Works was the government department tasked with the organisation and efficiency of the push for housing construction in the immediate postwar years. The envelope states that these houses were built by the BRS. The Building Research Station were an organisation formed in 1917 to investigate various new building materials and constructions methods of the period. It is unclear what was experimental about these houses, or what type of research went into their construction. The area was famous for housing the first estate of prefabricated timber Swedish Houses built anywhere in Britain. It is unclear if these experimental houses were Swedish models. The BRS worked closely on the development of construction standards and were based in Bucknalls, north London.

P/H00246/6 is not present within the collection of images.

The original Ministry of Works storage envelope lists the operator as “K”.


This is part of the Sub Series: PSA01/04/H Housing; within the Series: PSA01/04 Negatives; within the Collection: PSA01 Property Services Agency

This Volume is divided into 2 Child Records
This Volume contains the following materials:
Photograph (Negative): 6


Source: Historic England Archive


Mid 20th Century Prefabricated House, Domestic Interior