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  • Ahrends, Burton and Koralek

    Examination of the work of Ahrends, Burton & Koralek, a prolific and versatile twentieth-century architectural practice whose work whilst influenced by High-Tech, was characterised by a concern for strong form and materiality.

    Series: Architectural History

  • British Seaside Piers

    The only guide available to all extant British piers, including a gazetteer covering all 58 piers.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Buildings of the Labour Movement

    This richly illustrated book focuses on the built culture of the labour movement, largely constructed or funded by workers themselves, whose history and background has until now been largely ignored or forgotten.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Built to Brew

    Illustrated history of the brewing industry, the process of beer making and the built heritage surrounding the industry.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Chamberlin, Powell & Bon

    Examination of the work of Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, architects of The Barbican and an influential post-war architectural practice.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Chapels of England

    A chronological history of Nonconformist architecture from the 17th century to the present day.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Cold War: Building for nuclear confrontation 1946-1989

    This book looks at the physical manifestations ? buildings and structures ? of the Cold War in England. Illustrated with contemporary and archive photographs, site and building plans it looks at the buildings within their military and political context

    Series: Architectural History

  • Danson House: The anatomy of a Georgian villa

    Tells the story of the house, the estate, its owners, and its restoration by English Heritage between 1995 and 2004 after a long period of neglect. Danson House is revealed as one of the glories of Georgian domestic architecture.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Ditherington Mill and the Industrial Revolution

    Study of Ditherington highlights crucial developments in engineering, the textile industry and business practices during the Industrial Revolution.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Early Structural Steel in London Buildings

    This richly illustrated book takes a refreshing new look at Victorian and Edwardian architecture, examining how mild steel - which superseded cast and wrought iron - was put to use in theatres, hotels, clubs, offices and many other building types.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Egypt in England

    The first detailed guide to the use of the Egyptian style in architecture and interiors in England. Fully illustrated, this engaging book is an accessible and practical guide for a general audience, but has enough depth to be useful to scholars too.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Europe's Deadly Century: Perspectives on 20th-century conflict heritage

    This book examines the physical remains of 20th-century war, conflict and ideological struggles within Europe. It considers a wide range of conflict heritage areas and raises questions of ownership, documentation practices and conservation.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Frederick Gibberd

    A prolific architect who completed over 100 major projects including housing, nuclear power stations, reservoirs, schools and libraries.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Georgian Architecture in the British Isles 1714-1830

    This is a fully revised and newly illustrated guide to the architecture of the British Isles during the reigns of the first four Georges (1714-1830).

    Series: Architectural History

  • A Glimpse of Heaven: Catholic churches of England and Wales

    Tells the remarkable story of Catholic church architecture in England and Wales and sets the buildings in their historical, social, political and cultural context. It is beautifully illustrated by architectural photographer Alex Ramsay.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Historic Airports

    Proceedings of the L'Europe de l'Air Conferences on Aviation Architecture

    Series: Architectural History

  • Howell Killick Partridge & Amis

    Interviews and archival research combine to tell the stories behind this creative post-war architectural practice.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Hull

    Tells the story of Hull through buildings and places which bring its past to life.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Images of Change: An archaeology of England?s contemporary landscape

    A new paperback edition of this critically acclaimed book, which highlights the impact the developments of the 20th century have had on the landscape and gives us a new angle on the industrial, military, domestic and agricultural influences at work around us.

    Series: Architectural History

  • Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland

    Expanded and updated gazetteer and guide to sites of Jewish Heritage across Britain and Ireland.

    Series: Architectural History

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