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  • 3D Laser Scanning for Heritage

    3rd Edition. Advice and guidance on the use of laser scanning in archaeology and architecture

    Series: Guidance

  • A Charter for Historic England Advisory Services

    Our Charter sets out the services we provide for those involved in changing or influencing change to the historic environment including enhancement.

    Series: Guidance

  • A Landscape Legacy: National Parks and the historic environment

    This publication describes some of the important work being undertaken within the English National Parks to realise the potential of the historic environment ? work that is helping people to understand, value, care for and enjoy their heritage, now and in the future.

    Series: Guidance

  • Accessing England's Protected Wreck Sites

    These guidelines are intended to support individuals or groups wishing to access and/or develop projects on wreck sites designated under Section 1 of the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 in the English Territorial Sea.

    Series: Guidance

  • Adapting Traditional Farm Buildings

    This advice explains how significance can be retained and enhanced through well-informed maintenance and sympathetic development, provided that repairs, design and implementation are carried out to a high standard.

    Series: Guidance

  • The Adaptive Reuse of Traditional Farm Buildings

    This advice note explains how significance can be retained and enhanced through well-informed maintenance and sympathetic development, provided that repairs, design and implementation are carried out to a high standard.

    Series: Guidance

  • Advice and Guidance

    Catalogue of the extensive range of expert advice and guidance to help you care for and protect historic places.

    Series: Guidance

  • Aerial Reconnaissance

    This Project Planning Note is intended to cover the taking of oblique aerial photographs of the historic environment. It includes advice on planning and carrying out aerial reconnaissance projects and lists relevant sources of further information.

    Series: Guidance

  • Ancient Tree Guides

    Ancient Tree Guide no.1 - PDF document for Historic England web pages

    Series: Guidance

  • Animal Bones and Archaeology

    Guidance for dealing with archaeological animal bones and teeth, from project planning through to post-excavation.

    Series: Guidance

  • Archaeological and Historic Pottery Production Sites

    This document provides practical guidance on how to investigate sites where pottery production has taken place.

    Series: Guidance

  • Archaeological Evidence for Glassworking

    The aim of these guidelines is to help archaeologists to recover, identify and interpret waste from the production and working of glass in Britain, from the Bronze Age to the early 20th century.

    Series: Guidance

  • Archaeometallurgy

    Series: Guidance

  • Arson Risk Reduction

    This guide is designed to help identify threats and take steps to make properties less of a target for arson.

    Series: Guidance

  • Assessing the Effect of Road Schemes on Historic Landscape Character

    The advice contained in this supplementary guidance document is intended to assist in the preparation of environmental assessments of the changes that will be made by road schemes to historic landscape character by identifying principles and emerging best practice.

    Series: Guidance

  • The Assessment and Management of Marine Archaeology in Port and Harbour Development

    This document sets out advice for organisations or individuals involved in the planning and development of port and harbour facilities, particularly those involving marine environmental assessment.

    Series: Guidance

  • Bats in Traditional Buildings

    Bats are often found in traditional buildings because they provide a large number of potential roosting places, and their design offers many entry points.

    Series: Guidance

  • BIM for Heritage

    This publication raises awareness of the potential advantages of a BIM approach to help users successfully implement BIM in heritage projects.

    Series: Guidance

  • Briefing Note on National Listed Building Consent Orders

    Notes on Listed Building Consent Orders and where they might be useful.

    Series: Guidance

  • Conservation and Management of War Memorial Landscapes

    The aim of this updated guidance provides an overview of how to plan projects. It aims to address queries often raised by volunteers, and draws on the experience of public parks and garden restoration projects.

    Series: Guidance

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