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  • Aerofilms

    Aerofilms: A history from above presents an aerial picture of the nation in the first half of the twentieth century.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Dispersal

    Photographic exploration of the Lea Valley, East London prior to its redevelopment to make way for the Olympic Park.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • England's Maritime Heritage from the Air

    An exploration of England's maritime heritage - the history, the buildings, the ships and the changing landscape - all carefully selected from the unique Aerofilms collection.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • England's Motoring Heritage from the Air

    A graphic account of how England has changed over the last 90 years through the impact of road transport on the landscape.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • The English Seaside

    Peter Williams' evocative photographs in this fully revised edition of his acclaimed book will make you want to rediscover what a fantastic place the seaside is - full of character, charm and 'Englishness'.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Hadrian's Wall

    This unique poster pack will enable the study of the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage site both from the air and ground level to give a fuller picture of the different elements of the frontier zone.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Kenwood

    Catalogue of the Iveagh Bequest collection of paintings, housed at Kenwood House in London. Each work is discussed and illustrated and there are also two introductory essays which provide context for the collection.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Leisure

    From the series The Way We Were, this book shows how the technology of cinema was quickly embraced by the masses.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • London Wallpapers: Their manufacture and use 1690-1840

    A comprehensive history of the design, manufacture and use of London wallpapers from 1690 to 1840. Beautifully illustrated with colour plates of 40 wallpapers, with a full history of each.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Real Victorians

    This attractive set of six A3 posters will help children discover what everyday life was like in the past.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Roman Britain

    This is a set of eight A3 posters which are ideal a home study aids for all children learning about the Romans.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Seaside Holidays in the Past

    This photopack allowS you to find out what Victorians wore on the beach, how developments in transport reflected great social changes and much more.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Stonehenge

    A History in Photographs: charts the last 150 years in the life of this extraordinary and iconic site.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Suffolk?s Defended Shore: Coastal fortifications from the air

    Presents an illustrated history of the development of military defences on the Suffolk coast using data collected as part of the English Heritage national survey. This survey included examination of modern and historic aerial photographs.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • The Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle

    This beautifully illustrated book presents the extensive research that informed the re-creation of the Elizabethan garden at Kenilworth castle, and describes the process by which the new garden was designed.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • The Photography of Bedford Lemere & Co

    The Bedford Lemere collection is an important source of images of the built environment in England from 1870 until the Second World War. This book showcases over 250 of those images with subjects ranging widely from shop interiors through power stations to cruise liners.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • The Suffolk Collection

    The Suffolk Collection is a family collection of predominantly royal and family portraits, containing work from the 16th to the 19th century. This lavishly illustrated book provides a fascinating insight into the Collection and its history.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Toys and Games in the Past

    This set of eight detailed images from the Victorian period and the 1920s to 1950s shows children's toys and games and ideal for use at Key Stage 1 and 2.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Tudor Buildings

    This pack helps teachers explore with pupils what buildings looked like in Tudor England.

    Series: Illustrated History

  • Victorian Transport

    This set of eight detailed A3 images shows how developments in transport reflected the great social changes in Victorian times.

    Series: Illustrated History

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