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  • The Wessex Hillforts Project

    An archaeological survey of the Iron Age prehistoric earthwork forts that crown many hills in Southern England. The survey distinguishes several classes of hillfort, and reveals the great variation in complexity among sites.

    Series: Archaeology

  • A History of Aerial Photography and Archaeology

    A history of aerial photography - including early balloonist adventurers, military usage in both world wars and new ways of investigating the past from the air - which examines how aerial photography came to be such an important tool for archaeologists.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Stonehenge in its Landscape: Twentieth-century excavations

    This volume represents a detailed discussion of the structural history of Stonehenge, arrived at by the integration of evidence from primary records of excavations carried out between 1901 and 1964.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Stonehenge and Avebury (Map 1:10 000 Scale)

    Large scale map ideal for walkers and others wishing to explore the fascinating landscape of Stonehenge and Avebury.

    Series: Archaeology

  • The Story of Silbury Hill

    Combining scholarly research and readable narrative this book sets out the archaeological story of Silbury: from an early recognition of its importance to antiquarian and archaeological investigations of the Hill.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Silbury Hill

    Silbury Hill is an enormous earthen mound that is set within the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site. This highly illustrated academic monograph will provide a full account of the recent archaeological investigations.

    Series: Archaeology

  • An Archaeology of Town Commons in England

    An overview of the archaeology of town commons. This book is the result of a project to investigate the archaeological content and Historic Environment value of urban commons in England and to prompt appropriate conservation strategies for them.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Neanderthals Among Mammoths

    The discovery in 2002 of mammoth bones and stone tools at Lynford Quarry in Norfolk gives a rare opportunity to study the socioecology of Neanderthals and the relationship between their social structure and the distribution of resources in the landscape.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Hambledon Hill, Dorset, England

    Excavation and survey of a neolithic monument complex and its surrounding landscape. This two volume study resulted from the excavation and survey directed by Roger Mercer between 1974 and 1986, which demonstrated that Hambledon was the site of an exceptionally large and diverse complex of earlier Neolithic earthworks.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Britain’s Oldest Art: The Ice Age cave art of Creswell Crags

    This is the story of the discovery, in 2003, of Britain’s first Ice Age cave art at Creswell Crags. It includes a definitive list, photographs, drawings and description of the motifs and sets the discovery in its archaeological and geological context.

    Series: Archaeology

  • The Field Archaeology of the Salisbury Plain Training Area

    This area remains the largest tract of unimproved chalk downland in North-west Europe. This volume traces human influence on the landscape from prehistoric times to the recent military activities and presents a synthesis of results of recent fieldwork.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Radiocarbon Dates

    A detailed catalogue of 1195 radiocarbon determinations funded by English Heritage between 1998 and 2003.

    Series: Archaeology

  • The Malvern Hills: An ancient landscape

    Examines the landscape of the Malvern Hills, a ridge of ancient volcanic rocks along the western edge of the Severn Valley. The survey ranges from the early prehistoric period to the present day, including the two large Iron Age hillforts on the ridge.

    Series: Archaeology

  • The Field Archaeology of Dartmoor

    This book presents an overview of the landscape and archaeology of Dartmoor from 4000 BC to the present. It summarises recent fieldwork in an accessible manner and allows a fuller appreciation of this tranquil and beautiful landscape by detailing its cultural past.

    Series: Archaeology

  • The Historic Landscape of the Mendip Hills

    A chronological look at the historic landscape of the Mendip Hills, richly illustrated with photographs, maps, plans and reconstructions drawings.

    Series: Archaeology

  • The Archaeology of Hill Farming on Exmoor

    Tells the story of hill farming on Exmoor through newly revealed archaeological evidence, illustrated with examples from the medieval period onwards.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Bodmin Moor: An archaeological survey - Volume 1: The human landscape to c 1860

    The most extensive survey ever undertaken of the archaeological monuments of Bodmin Moor; remarkable for the extent of the area covered and the number of newly identified monuments. Line drawings, aerial photographs and large-scale maps add to the text.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Bodmin Moor: An archaeological survey – Volume 2: The industrial and post-medieval landscapes

    Examines the industrial and post-medieval landscape of Bodmin Moor, including streamworking, mining, quarrying, clay working, turf cutting and intensive farming. Aerial photographs, detailed line drawings, and large-scale maps add to the text.

    Series: Archaeology

  • England's Coastal Heritage

    A review of coastal heritage including an introduction to the coastal historic environment, a consideration of long-term coastal change and a set of research priorities for the future.

    Series: Archaeology

  • Mapping Ancient Landscapes in Northamptonshire

    A record of the National Mapping Programme project in Northamptonshire. It recovered and mapped archaeological evidence from field systems, through settlement remains, to funerary monuments, and ranges from the Neolithic to the 20th century.

    Series: Archaeology

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