An Archaeological Audit and Resource Assessment of Historic Burial Grounds in Greater London

Part A: Audit of Modern Archaeological Investigations Undertaken since 1980

By Allen Archaeology Limited

This report outlines the results of a desk-based audit of archaeological interventions which have taken place since 1980 and resulted in the recovery of a sample of more than 100 individuals dated 1066–1900. This forms the first part of a three-stage review of London burial grounds.

A total of 51 sites comprising over 35,000 burials were identified, dating from 1117 to 1940 with a significant bias towards the 18th and 19th centuries. The spatial distribution shows a significant bias towards inner London. Almost half of the excavated burials have been reburied and a third curated. Half of the sites where information was available had been attended by (or cleared by) a commercial exhumation company.

The sample is predominantly Christian and represents high, low and mixed status groups.

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