Conservation Bulletin 57

Adapting to a Changing Climate

Climate change is happening. But what will it do to our historic environment? And how can our knowledge of the past help us adapt to the future?


  • Editorial p2
  • Facing the Facts p3
  • Projecting the changing climate p3
  • The past as guide to the future p5
  • Threats and opportunities p7
  • Anticipating the Impacts p12
  • Adapt and conserve p12
  • Growing with climate change p14
  • All change in the countryside? p15
  • Out to sea p17
  • Inventing the future p20
  • Learning to Adapt p26
  • Cuting down on public carbon p26
  • Measuring carbon footprints p29
  • Going with the wind p30
  • Mitigating the National Trust p31
  • Powering historic houses p32
  • Thinking nationally, acting locally p33
  • Heelis p34
  • Hearth and Home p36
  • International cultural heritage p37
  • A stitch in time p38
  • The European perspective p39
  • Finding out more p40
  • News p42
  • The National Monuments Record p44
  • Legal Developments p46
  • New Publications p47

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed


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