Conservation Bulletin 58

Presenting Historic Places

People have never been more interested in the past – but to capture their individual imaginations it has to be presented in new and varied ways.


  • Editorial p2
  • New Understanding p3
  • Understanding our visitors p3
  • Audience research p4
  • Visitors to historic gardens p6
  • Trusting in segmentation p7
  • Understanding historic properties p8
  • Slavery connections p10
  • Unlocking oral history p11
  • Maritime historic environment p12
  • Putting cars in context p14
  • Presenting the medieval castle p15
  • Later history of medieval buildings p16
  • Recapturing Contexts p17
  • Conservation research p17
  • Environmental standards p18
  • Risk management p19
  • Taking on the insect pests p20
  • St Peter’s Church, Barton p21
  • Monuments and landscapes p22
  • Country House Partnership p24
  • Approaches: Past, Present, Future p25
  • Interpretation, entertainment p25
  • Radical approaches p27
  • Costume and live interpretation p27
  • Beyond the Ministry of Works p29
  • Guiding principles p30
  • About the house p31
  • AV and interpretation p32
  • Shock of the new p34
  • Free sites unlocked p35
  • Real coal mine, real miners p36
  • Stirling Castle Palace p37
  • Kenilworth garden p38
  • Dover Castle p38
  • Attingham Rediscovered p39
  • Conservation Principles p39
  • The New Interactive Heritage p41
  • e-heritage p41
  • Tell me what you want p41
  • The Heritage Gateway p42
  • On-line education p43
  • Heritage Protection Bill p44
  • News p46
  • The National Monuments Record p48
  • Legal Developments p50
  • New Publications p51

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed


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