Conservation Bulletin 60

Conservation Principles in Practice

Everyone agrees that conservation aims to sustain the special character of places. But who decides what is special, and how do we reconcile conservation obligations with the need to keep buildings in everyday use?


  • Editorial p2
  • Codifying conservation p4
  • A credo for consistency p4
  • The evolution of conservation principles p5
  • A sense of place p7
  • Heritage Protection Reform p10
  • Managing change in conservation areas p12
  • The wider view p15
  • …they do things differently there p15
  • The National Trust's approach p16
  • The public value of conservation p19
  • The local government perspective p21
  • European conservation policy p24
  • The international context p25
  • Putting the principles into practice p27
  • 'Routine Management and Maintenance': English Heritage's Asset Management Plan p27
  • 'Periodic Renewal and Repair': The JW Evans metal-works p29
  • 'Intervention to Increase Understanding': Witley Court p31
  • 'Restoration': Dover Castle Great Towe p33
  • 'New Work and Alteration': Royal Shakespeare Theatre p35
  • 'Integrating Conservation with other Public Interests': The past shaping the future p38
  • 'Enabling Development': Meeting the cost of saving historic places p40
  • News p42
  • The National Monuments Record p44
  • Legal developments p46
  • New publications p47

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Product Code: 51457
  • ISSN: 753-8674


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