Conservation Bulletin 75

London and the London Plan

London is growing at an unprecedented rate. This edition looks at the issues this growth throws up, their effects on the historic environment and how the planning system (and specifically the London Plan) can address them.


  • Introduction and Context
    Editorial: heritage and the dynamic city
  • Where we are now
    London’s planning in context
    Using new technologies to analyse and predict change in the building stock
    Residential densities in world cities – how London compares
    London needs to create great streets
    New London Vernacular
  • Challenges for London
    Accommodating London’s growth without heritage conflict?
    Meeting the challenge of delivering growth sustainably
    Learning from our mid-rise legacy
    Profit from provenance
    Investing in infrastructure and improving connectivity
    Delivering major infrastructure schemes in London’s historic environment
    A city of towers?
    London’s landscape infrastructure and how to make the most of it
    The River Thames – conserving the capital’s greatest urban space
    Growth and pressure: supporting the capital’s informal culture
    Restoration: infrastructure as a catalyst
    Funding and investment in the historic environment
  • Heritage as part of the Plan
    A developer’s perspective – heritage adds value
    The City’s heritage: the keystone to its future
    Civic society and a collaborative future for built heritage
    Recognising the economic value of investing in heritage assets
    Securing what makes London special for the long term
    20th century architecture and the impact of
    current development
    Neighbourhood planning – the ‘city of villages’ restored
    Listing the world in a great world city
    Strategic listing: helping to shape London’s future
    How local communities are saving London’s heritage
    A vision for London

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Product Code: 52026
  • ISSN: 0753–8674


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