Cultivating Skills in Historic and Botanic Gardens - 2012

Careers, Occupations and Skills required for the Management and Maintenance of Historic and Botanic Gardens

This study was commissioned to provide an updated perspective on changing demands on the skills that sustain England's outstanding heritage and parks, the last having been undertaken in 2005.

There is clear evidence that the challenges are evolving for gardens and parks, a foundation stone of the UK visitor economy on the one hand, and a key component of healthy urban communities on the other. Garden managers identify a clear need to the skills to meet those challenges, and express concern.



1 Executive summary

2 Background

3 Sample and methodology
3.1 Postal survey
3.2 Analysis

4 Significant findings
4.1 Rising to expectations
4.2 Developing the profession
4.3 Developing skills to meet the challenge
4.4 The significance of volunteers
4.5 The Salary opportunities within the sector

5 Summary of results
5.1 Garden managers' survey
5.2 Abbreviated responses
5.3 Workforce
5.4 Horticultural staff
5.5 Volunteers
5.6 Skills and shortages
5.7 Workforce training and development
5.8 Traineeships
5.9 Employee Survey
5.10 About your work
5.11 Horticultural qualifications
5.12 About your skills


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