English Heritage Properties 1600-1830 and Slavery Connections

Volume One: Report and Appendix 1

By Miranda Kaufmann

To mark the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the British Atlantic Slave Trade in 2007, English Heritage commissioned a desk-top survey, designed to reveal links between the 33 properties identified as being occupied or built during the main period of English slave trading (c. 1640-1807) and slaving or abolition-related activities. It should be noted that the properties were not necessarily the principal residences of the owning families throughout the period.

The project objective was to allow English Heritage to understand which of the historic properties in its care has significant or substantial connections with the history of British slave trading. This understanding will be available to guide any future work to enhance or disseminate the results.

A secondary objective was the creation of basic family history outlines for the properties, which form the major part of the early modern/modern properties cared for by English Heritage.


  • List of properties and their codes
  • Properties with no discovered links to the slave trade
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Property Family Histories
  • 3 Family History Bibliography
  • 4 Tables showing Property links to slavery
  • 5 Links to Slavery Bibliography
  • Appendix - List of persons mentioned in Family Histories with entries in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 120


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