The Field Archaeology of Exmoor

Ebook by Hazel Riley, Robert Wilson-North


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A wealth of fascinating and diverse archaeology lies concealed in Exmoor's valleys, woods and moorlands.  Six years of original survey work have sought out the evidence from prehistoric stone settings and burial mounds to medieval castles, lost settlements and 19th-century industrial remains.  This comprehensive programme of recording deployed the techniques of field survey, aerial photographic transcription, air and ground photography, and recording standing buildings.

The Field Archaeology of Exmoor presents this distinctive heritage, for the first time, to the general reader and the specialist alike, and tells the story of the development of Exmoor's landscape from the Stone Age until the Second World War.  This book has immediate appeal for those who know Exmoor - its residents and visitors - and are interested in its history.  It is also essential reading for those who study upland landscapes and field archaeology.

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  • Format: Ebook
  • Physical Size: 219 x 276 mm
  • Pages: 192
  • Illustrations: colour and b&w illustrations
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  • ISBN: 9781848021495 (Ebook); 9781873592588 (out of print)


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