Historic England Research Issue 1

This is the magazine version of Historic England Research. It reports on projects and activities involving applied research into the historic environment.


  • The East Coast War Channels in the First World War
  • A 17th-century warship off Southend-on-Sea
  • The Tyneside Pioneers
  • The Nottingham Caves Survey
  • Using drones for field survey
  • Now you see it! Instant GPR results in the field
  • Housing for the elderly in post-war England
  • Railway goods sheds and warehouses
  • The English railway station
  • South-west textile mills project completed
  • A history of the National Heritage Collection
  • Historic England publications
  • Historic England staff publications

Additional Information

  • Series: Research News/Historic England Research
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Product Code: 51926
  • ISSN: 0753‒8674


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