Isle of Wight Coastal Audit

Due to its notable geomorphological variation, the Isle of Wight coastline is particularly well suited to test the character of archaeological sites in differing coastal settings and to establish the nature, scale and pace of their individual timetables of destruction. In 1998, English Heritage provided funding for a rapid coastal audit to be carried out by the Isle of Wight Archaeological Unit. This work could draw upon the strengths of local experience and the progress which had been achieved in the execution of the Wootton-Quarr project. The coastal audit was primarily a SMR enhancement tool, but a secondary purpose of the project was to contribute to a study entitled 'Coastal Change, Climate and Instability', which was being carried out by the Isle of Wight Council in collaboration with partners in France and Ireland under the auspices of  L'Instrument Financière de l'Environnement' (LIFE) of the European Union. One of the key tasks of this project was 'to demonstrate the value of using archaeological (palaeo-environmental) evidence to predict the nature, scale and pace of coastal change' and it was felt that the coastal audit could provide useful information.

Additional Information

  • Series: RCZAS Reports
  • Publication Status: Completed


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