Lithic Sites Assessment

National Importance Programme Pilot Project Report

By Oxford Archaeology North

The pilot project discusses how lithic sites can be identified, mapped and managed.

Case studies include lithic sites in Cumbria as the main focus area, with those in East Anglia included as a comparator, both areas having a range of lithic resources in contrasting environments. An element of Grimes Graves, East Anglia, has scheduled status and the study area comprising the axe-production sites centred on Langdale, Cumbria highlighted the issues regarding the designation of national importance to a spatially extensive site. In addition Stainton West, Cumbria case study demonstrated the difficulties of mapping lithic scatters in floodplain environments.


1. Introduction

2. Cumbria

3. East Anglia

4. Problems and Issues

5. Results

6. Recommendations

7. Conclusions

8. Bibliography


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