Local Heritage Listing

Historic England Advice Note 7

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Local lists play an essential role in building and reinforcing a sense of local character and distinctiveness in the historic environment, as part of the wider range of designation. They enable the significance of any building or site on the list (in its own right and as a contributor to the local planning authority’s wider strategic planning objectives), to be better taken into account in planning applications affecting the building or site or its setting.

The advice supports local authorities and communities to introduce a local list in their area or make changes to an existing list, through the preparation of selection criteria, thereby encouraging a more consistent approach to the identification and management of local heritage assets across England. A local list can celebrate the breadth of the historic environment of a local area by encompassing the full range of heritage assets that make up the historic environment and ensure the proper validation and recording of local heritage assets. They also provide a consistent and accountable way of identifying local heritage assets, to the benefit of owners and developers who need to understand local development opportunities and constraints.

First published by English Heritage May 2012, under the title Good Practice Guide for
Local Heritage Listing

We are currently reviewing our advice in light of the changes to the National Planning Policy Framework, and will amend it, where necessary, in due course.



  1. The role of local heritage listing 
  2. Protection of locally listed heritage assets 
  3. Local listing and conservation areas
  4. Local plans and local heritage listing
  5. Setting up and running a local list
  6. Initiating a local heritage list
  7. Defining the scope of the local heritage list
  8. The local heritage list cycle

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