Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey Phase One Desk-based Assessment for South-West England (South Coast Dorset)

Project 6673

By Charles Johns, Graeme Kirkham, Tom Cousins, Dave Parham

This report forms the first-desk based assessment- phase of a Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey of the historic environment of Dorset's coast.

The project aimed to:

  • enhance the Dorset HER and the National Record of the Historic Environment
  • inform future coastal and shoreline management
  • provide an overview of coastal change from the Palaeolithic onwards
  • assess the degree and nature of threat to coastal historic assets
  • provide a broad assessment of the likely archaeological potential and vulnerability of the resource
  • identify future research priorities
  • enhance public understanding and enjoyment of the coastal heritage.

This commissioned study was carried out by the Cornwall Archaeological Unit (formerly Historic Environment Projects, Cornwall Council) and Bournemouth University.

Please note that where the report refers to the work of English Heritage, this is now the role of Historic England. At the time it was commissioned the project formed part of the wider National Heritage Protection Plan 2011-2015 activity on coastal heritage.


1. Introduction
2. Survey area
3. Designations
4. Coastal change from the Palaeolithic
5. Coastal and marine management
6. Previous archaeological and historical research
7. Assessment of historic sources
8. HER, NHRE and other data sets
9. Assessment of archaeological potential and low record density
10. Assessment of threats to coastal historic environment assets
11. Further work
12. References
Appendix 1: GIS method
Appendix 2: List of UKHO charts
Appendix 3: List of Scheduled Monuments
Appendix 4: Grade I and Grade II* Listed Buildings
Appendix 5: New sites by period and monument type
Appendix 6: List of sites at risk due to NAI in the Two Bays SMP Area

Additional Information

  • Series: RCZAS Reports
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 156
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