Repair Grants for Heritage at Risk - Maintenance Plans

Our grants are primarily for urgent repairs or other work required to address risk by preventing loss of or damage to important architectural, archaeological or landscape features. The outcome of every project should be the protection of the significance of the site or to enable such protection.

This document aims to help you and your professional adviser prepare a costed maintenance plan which is appropriate for your property and which will meet the conditions of our grant. This guidance and the example plan refer primarily to standing structures. You and your professional adviser should apply the same principles when preparing a costed maintenance plan for buried remains, parks or gardens.

You should read this document in conjunction with Guidance for Grant Recipients.


1. About this document
2. Understanding maintenance
3. Preparing a maintenance plan
4. Keeping records of maintenance works carried out
5. Where to get advice
6. Example maintenance plan

Additional Information

  • Series: Guidance
  • Publication Status: Completed


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